AstroTourism is one of it kind in the world company that brings together the exciting sphere of travel, exploration and expedition with an equally exiting sphere of astronomy, space sciences and unraveling the wonders of the sky. Both the domains are derivatives of ‘exploration’ the fundamental trait of humans.

Aptly defined by Mr. Sachin Bahmba, CMD SPACE Group as, “travelling for the purpose of astronomy or doing astronomy while you travel”.

It encompasses in it a wide gamut of concepts that can be stitched together to create a memorable experience for the traveler. Be it the first time traveler or the travel bug.

Astronomy is a perfect blend in Tourism; it may be a smallest part of travel or be the center point of travel. It can associate various customer segments right from Individuals to Corporate, Family to Groups. It caters to all segments. It is one of the techniques to relax and is used as stress busters in corporate. A Family can use this tool to enhance its knowledge of science while enjoying a leisure trip at any popular or isolated place. A group of Tourists can enjoy spectacular events happening in sky especially when events like Solar Eclipse happen.

We are the right people, with the right ability and the right experience, with the feat of hosting eclipse watches from Sea, Land and Air and having made more than 1000 students travel for various programs; we at AstroTourism know best to offer you the best.

We aim to create memorable experiences that are FUN – ADVENTURE – LEARNING for the travelers and hence it is the guiding though of the company and our motto.


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