Eclipse clouded out – 30 seconds of partial eclipse

Some students did not sleep whole night, getting the preparations ready for the eclipse in early morning. Few slept and few took a small nap. The group had varied levels of participation in the ASE2012. But almost all of them were ready for the bus at 3:00 am sharp HK time considering the fact that previous excursion was to Ocean Park. We reached at the “Avenue of Stars” at 4:07am, first ever group there in those early morning hours. Thanks to Asif and Kundal and the teacher’s effort!! It was overcast there we never lost hopes, even when the annularity hid behind the curtain of clouds. Students eagerly asking if the eclipse is happening at all or not! Newbies had difficulty in digesting the fact that the eclipse was still happening even if it was behind the clouds. Eclipse got eclipsed for us and more than 2000 people waiting at the venue.

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But sun showed itself for a very short appearance for 30 secs and those who saw it for the first time were in for a surprise!!

Overcast conditions prevailed and we had to wind up by 7:30am and rushed back to Hotel where Breakfast ensured that the kids will have sound sleep for some time before embarking another journey to stars in the Spcae Museum. Few students would meet the Indian consulate General at his office at 12:30 pm HK time.

C B Devgun

Tour Director


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